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Friday, November 16, 2012

Update:Illinois’ Care Coordination and Managed Care System

In January 2011, the Illinois legislature passed a bill that requires 50% of the State’s Medicaid population to be covered in a risk-based care coordination program by 2015. Subsequently, in May 2012, the State Legislature passed the SMART Act, cutting Medicaid services and projecting cost savings through various care coordination initiatives.

The care coordination, or managed care, initiatives referenced through this bill are: the Integrated Care Program, the Dual Eligibles Capitation Demonstration and the Innovations Program. All three of these initiatives have a goal to better coordinate primary, acute, behavioral health and long-term supports and services thereby improving the delivery of health services and lowering health costs.

The move to better coordinate care across primary, acute, behavioral health and long-term supports and services is in alignment with the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), passed in March 2010. In fact, Illinois has made an effort to take advantage of several of the ACA provisions to move towards a better coordinated and integrated health system.

One of the ACA provisions Illinois is interested in is called Medicaid health homes for individuals with chronic conditions. To date, Illinois has filed a draft Medicaid state plan amendment to create health homes. The other federal ACA inititiave relating to care coordination that Illinois interested in is the Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative, or the Dual Eligibles Demonstration Project. Illinois has submitted a proposal for this demonstration project.

For more details about the various care coordination, or managed care, initiatives in Illinois, please reference the document “Illinois Health Reform 2012: Care Coordination, Managed Care and Long-Term Services and Supports” developed by Health & Medicine Policy Research Group.

Kristen Pavle
Associate Director, Center for Long-Term Care Reform
Health & Medicine Policy Research Group

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