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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sign On in Support of SB 34 - A State Run Exchange in Illinois

Illinois Senate Bill 34 establishes a robust, pro-consumer and pro-small business Health Insurance Marketplace in Illinois. The Health Insurance Marketplace will be the one-stop insurance shop for more than a million Illinoisans. SB34 ensures that the Marketplace is governed by a diverse board that represents women, small businesses, communities of color, labor, public health, people with disabilities, and consumers.  It is scheduled to be heard in subcommittee of the Senate Executive Committee today.

Please help signal broad support for this important health care bill by taking these 2 actions:

1. Sign on to the list of organizations supporting SB34

Click here to add your organization to the list of supporters for the passage of SB34.

2. Call the toll-free Marketplace Action line, 1-888-801-4426, and ask your state senator to cosponsor SB34!

If your state senator is already a cosponsor, please call him or her to thank them for their support. Here are the current co-sponsors:

David Koehler, Heather A. Steans, Don Harmon, Toi W. Hutchinson, William Delgado, Jacqueline Y. Collins, Michael Noland, Emil Jones, III, Julie A. Morrison, Steven M. Landek, Dan Kotowski, Patricia Van Pelt, Iris Y. Martinez, Mattie Hunter, Kimberly A. Lightford, Daniel Biss, Ira I. Silverstein, Thomas Cullerton, Terry Link, Melinda Bush, Donne E. Trotter, Bill Cunningham, Kwame Raoul, Napoleon Harris III

Please especially ask Senators Trotter and Clayborne and members of the Senate Executive Committee to pass SB34 out of committee.

SB34 must first pass out of the Governmental Operations Subcommittee and then the Executive Committee before going to a full vote.

Advocacy Materials:

You can find these materials and many others on our Health Insurance Marketplace page:
  •     SB34 Fact Sheet
  •     Health Insurance Marketplace Q&A
  •     State Senator Co-sponsorship Form
  •     Template for Co-sponorship request letter to senator
  •     Template for Co-sponorship thank you letter
  •     Multiple briefing resources

Jim Duffett
Campaign for Better Health Care


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